I worked at several places as a principal. In my opinion our modern education system at present focuses on material accumulation with no mental development. We need to provide our children with proper infrastructure and school facilities. Trained teachers and other necessaries to get high pupil achievement. Glorious International School & College (GISC) an institution with the vision- “An icon of academic excellence” declared its intention and proposed me as Principal to join the team and gladly accepted it.

We believe the Glorious International School & College (GISC) offers all of these and so much more to its community. The institute is going to be started with a vision to enlighten the children with it knowledge and morals. With unparalleled methodology of education which hold no space for rote learning and passive listening.

We believe, with consistent hard work and by the grace of Almighty, this institution would be able to achieve excellence and there by fulfill its goal in the future. So, Glorious International School & College as an institution promise to try our best to nourish the children as per our commitment.

Our endeavors are :
• To provide the English version of national curriculum based education.
• To provide new modern technology system of teaching.
• To emphasize completion of studies at institute.

We believe through and integrity we should bring out the hidden talents in children and help them to be successful in life. We expect that within a short period Glorious International School & College would be one of the best providers of quality education throughout the country.


Jobair Hasan
BSS (Hon’s), MSS